Make the best use of Smart Speakers in personal domotics

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"Two roads diverged in a wood, and me
I took the less traveled one
And that made all the difference."
Robert Lee Frost, 1874 - 1963

Projust like that. Even in home automation, the less easy choices often lead to better results at the judgment of time. Much less makes any difference - indeed - the scope relating to the implementation of smart speakers for the management of personal home automation.

As we have also explained in ours training course on the basics, the "Smart Speaker" (Such as Amazon Echo /Alexa e Google Home/ Assistant) are devices that, in the presence of a compatibility declared to certain domotic components (of any type), they can control them through voice commands by the user.

To get an idea, typical commands could be:

  • "Alexa, adjusts the room temperature to 20 degrees"
  • "Google Home, open the garage door"
  • "Siri, turn off all the lights"

and so on.

The most beaten road

The approtraditional ice cream, therefore, it is typically to buy a Smart Speaker compatible with my home automation components, or buy it and from there begin to buy only components that are openly compatible with lo, or both.

Check if a component is compatible with the proFirst Smart Speaker is simple:

But what happens when a component I already own it is not compatible with my smart speaker, or that you simply see your integration component removed or no longer updated / working?

Simple: is not (or no longer) controllable via smart speaker.

Smart Speaker integration through compatibility component skills

THAT LESS BEATEN (BUT that makes all the difference)

What many people do not know is the possibility of using one skill / component / compatibility to a single element which then procheck all the devices of the profirst home automation, regardless of promanufacturer, the degree of compatibility, integration, etc.

This single item is (our regular users they will have already understood) is thepersonale HUB implemented by us in creating our personal home automation.

Un personal HUBis, in short, a free software component which, if implemented, becomes a "platform" on which to base all our home automation components, with enormous advantages in terms of management, automation and much more. On the topic we have dedicated important dedicated pages that explain this concept in detail.

The enormous advantage of this road (more demanding, of course) is that of positioning the smart speaker in logical terms at the top of our domotics pyramid, smart speaker which automatically "inherits" the addition and / or variation of any changes made to the configuration dell 'HUB personnel. Since this is a component that allows also domotize the non-domotic, it goes without saying that this road not only simplifies the integration of the components towards the smart speaker, but also allows controlling through it components that would not have been (and proprobably never will be) through the use of the "traditional" road.

Not only: through personal HUByou can define scenes and automation between components of prodifferent types and drivers: they too will be inherited by the smart speaker, which can be used to command them.

Smart Speaker integration via personale HUB

Notifications via smart speaker

Sideways it is necessary and useful to point out another possibility offered by the smart speakers, that of using them as notification tools. In fact, their typical use is that to be evoked for the execution of a command: it is not foreseen, as a rule, that they "Take the word" of profirst initiative, for example to inform us of an environmental condition, of safety and much more.

Well, in inDomus we have beaten the path of this "strange" (but very useful) implementation, explaining how to use two ad hoc guides as notification systems (At Home Assistant) the following two smart speakers:


Integrate a Smart Speaker in home automation it can be easy to choose.
The choice may be to take the traditional route, or use skills / components / market compatibility and thus control the profirst components, implementing a second phase personal HUBand then take the big step of defining a profirst harmonic and highly manageable personal home automation.

If you are a beginner, the advice is to read ours carefully training course e prosee immediately the implementation of a HUB personal.

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