Why "house" home automation?

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To adopt home automation it is, in the mind of most, something difficult, expensive in terms of money and time, useful yes but up to a certain point, in short, something that is interesting to read in the newspapers or listen to on the radio, but that "tomorrow I will do it - maybe".

The most complex aspects to fight are profirst this: the misinformation and resistance to change.

"to domotize"An environment means transforming it from an inanimate reality into something metaphorically live, not for the sake of turning into modern Frankenstein but, trivially, for raise the quality of profirst life both in terms of functionality and in terms of energy saving, all well beyond the limit of profancy or hearsay. This site is the reproit goes.

Sensibo Sky v2 environment

Home automation though scares, and not a little. One of the common places most known in domotics is in fact the one linked to “having to change everything"At home: appliances, lights, climate management systems, alarm systems, not to mention the introduction of control instruments," control units "," devices ", and so on.

Domotizing, as we see it in inDomus, means introducing (with ease and expense very limited) some elementary components able, despite their simplicity, to provide multiple home automation functions, thus beginning to awaken the home from the immobility he is proprio to bring it to gradually become something "alive".

Fulcrum of this approccio, as well as starting point, is thepersonale HUB. We will never tire of repeating it in all ways: the first thing to do (not the second, not the third: the first) is that of have a single and common platform for all the components, agnostic with respect to technologies and to produttori who - gradually - will welcome the components of our domestic reality. We have dedicated rivers of words to HUB personal: for those who hear this name for the first time the advice is to read (briefly but carefully, because it is something that really makes a difference) la guide to them dedicated, which explains what they are and how they are implemented.

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Introduced theHUB, the next step is certainly the one to start experimenting. Of course, even for the most accustomed to technology, the advice is not to start big projets ("I would like to ensure that the house heats up automatically appena my home automation feels that I quit my job") But also and above all small things, how to check a traditional lamp through an actuator, or domotize an electric water heater. People go by degrees. Always. Whether for an economic question or for a matter of making one's own way proprogressive.

Compared to fear related to replacement half a house to make it home automation well, yes yesappia: it's a Favola, one of the biggest clichés related to home automation. As we have explained extensively it is possible - with very different and creative techniques, mostly economic - to transform qualcosa that wouldn't be home automation in something let it be piousnameMarketplace, making modern traditional systems, maximizing the value of an object that would otherwise be replaced. Here we explain how.

Home automation brings value to the prohome, To proquality of life, it allows you to save money, to waste time, to worry.

They are neither money nor time thrown away: it will be one of the investments smarter than you ever did.


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