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Spesso, in our pages, the adjective "personal" associated with the word "occurs"HUB"Or, more often, to" home automation ". To explain the reason (as well as the meaning) it is necessary to go back thirty years, in the age in which from nothing appthe first on the scene Personal Computer or, for brevity, PC.


Before the years' 80 the computers rappresentavano a technology inaccessible to most: data processing and research centers, universities, military bases were the only areas where it was possible - or even too easily - to come across huge rooms full of wardrobes equipped with switches, levers, lights luminose, reels of magnetic tape and keyboards that rapptogether they were a electronic calculator o, appanointed, a computer of the time.

Aided by the advent of microelectronics (which, a little later, would have progressively supplanted all previous technologies), at the dawn of the penultimate decade of the twentieth century apparvero the first microcomputers which, thanks to their new engineering conception, not only occupied a fraction of the space previously necessary, but were made "personal“, Since they are no longer tied to the shared but rather personal use, dedicated to the individual. IBM, Apple, HP and many other companies sniffed the deal, thus starting the human season in which computer technology would become more available to everyone every day, first with personal computers, then with the Internet, then with the pocket technologies we know today.


"Staff"Therefore it is something relevant to the individual - concept that, if proin IT, it translates into something accessible, customizable, often economical but of great intrinsic value. That's why on inDomus we coined the concept of "Personal home automation", making it almost a mantra: at the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century the user - complicit in technological evolution and the increased overall degree of culture - finally has the opportunity to access this technology without the need to use expensive, complex and sometimes incomprehensible solutions designed ad hoc.

Today home automation becomes personal as it is finally possible prothrow it and make it yourself (within the limits imposed by the law, where modifications are made to the electrical system) using components every day more and more compatible, More integrable, more functional and flexible. Personal home automation follows us when we move, it allows us to scale it according to our needs, assembling it over time through subsequent steps. It allows us to define more comfortable, more sustainable, cheaper and more pleasant living environments.

But is this new season of home automation really so accessible?

The e. Remaining in the wake of similarity with the evolution of the first personal computers, the personal domotics that sees the light in this historical period foresees to possess, to be appromore than a high degree of digital literacy, a certain degree of mental openness: the concepts are simple, quite essential.

This is closely related to the DNA of inDomus: do culture trying to unravel any doubts about nature and functionnameof this incredibly powerful technology.

For anyone who has fallen on this page without the slightest awareness on the potential of personal home automation we recommend the article below, or "...where to start"But, first, to make a jump on ours short online course which illustrates, in a few simple sheets, di thing we're talking about.

Introduction to home automation


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