Personal home automation, where to start. A shopping list

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We tell you like we would do.
Indeed, how abbiamo made us.

  1. Make yourself a culture.
    Guys, things don't get improvvisano. The improvvisazione is ingenious in the theater, during an interview or while flirting, but not in the realization of a technological field.
    Home automation it's not that complicated and expensive How - it seems as if they have committed themselves to this end - they want us to believe. But it is necessary understand well what we talk about, get a clear picture - and that's why, if you want, there is our training path (free).
    The first step is to get out of the head the phrase "home automation is used to turn on the lights with the phone"

  2. Domotize a bedside lamp.
    Do you have a bedside lamp? Start from that. 10 euro and fear passes, but you will have had your first experience - and where you failed, at most you will have invested a limited amount. Here we explain what is needed and how to do it.
    Or do you want to domotize the water heater? Idem, we explain it to you easily.

  3. Choose a proprio HUB personal.
    As explained in the last step of our training course, it is essential to start off on the right foot, and the right foot is in choosing a UNIQUE environment from which to check - as you progress, all your components.
    Not just check, but "Make them interact with each other" (the pot of gold is hidden proin this concept).
    Maybe before going on to the next point, test it on proyour computer (Win, Mac, Linux) to see if this is the case profirst - or not.

  4. Buy a Raspberry Pi.
    With a few euros spent (from 30 to 50) you buy the key to a world - and not only in a domotic sense. With Raspberry Pi whatever is done, that's enough search on Google. However, once bought and installed configure us on it your personale HUB previously chosen. Take confidence in us.
    Beyond everything, if before to buy Raspberry Pi you want to tour progo about your future personal HUB... well, as mentioned simply install it on the computer, be it a Windows, an Mac or a macchina Linux. Find all the guides in the section content.

  5. Now raise the pitch, and change the configuration of the lampshade previously domotized in order to introduce it into your home automation environment, or on yours HUB personal.

From here on it will be - but it is a path to take in profirst, in the steps deemed appropriate - to go and add to the configuration of theHUB the elements you already have at home (both those already domotic, both those that can be tamed with a little ingenuity - see the bedside lamp). THE'appetito - we guarantee it - comes with eating.

Your home automation will grow with your needs, in a structured and sustainable way. How right it is. Just follow inDomus day-by-day to understand how much can be done with a personale HUB. You simply don't know it yet.

For any doubt ask those who have already been there and today, having spent very little, it benefits from a structured, manageable environment, harmonic.

If you have any doubts about why to domotize home ... well, read here.

ATTENZIONE: remember the existence of our community FORUM for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of the contents of this page and much more.

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