SPECIAL CLIMATE: summer and home automation

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The heat has come !!Tado° V3 + Intelligent Air Conditioner

He hesitated a little, but this year too the warm season has arrived and with her the snorts of those who bear the heat and the smiles of those who love to sit in the sun like a lizard.

With the arrival of summer, even our home imposes changes in everyday habits: trivially, the need to refresh instead of heating rather than irrigate the plants more consistently and frequency, reduce the proheat generation for civil water and more.

Even in these situations, like it happens in winter personal home automation he comes to our rescue. With this FOCUS/Special dedicated to the summer climate, we offer an ad hoc excursus on the solutions, the guides and the projets made so far by inDomus on the subject.


Notwithstanding what a nice ride on our guide "home automation for neophytes" (above all if you are a novice) never hurts, let's see which guides /proso far we have realized dedicated to management of the domestic summer climate:

On the sidelines, a theme, however, linked to the climate, that of the weather forecast in home automation:


Here's a quick list of easily implementable (and high grade) components di integration home automation) and treated in our guides /projets:

Good summer everyone!

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