SPECIAL CLIMATE: winter and home automation

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- The cold is here !!
La proheat production domestic, as we know, is one of the thorniest issues during the cold season.

Tado intelligent thermostatic head - horizontal

It is neither the will nor the mandate of inDomus - at least not specifically - to treat, debate or discuss technologies dedicated to this purpose: from the chimney to independent heating, from the electric water heater to the heat pump, every technology is good for us. What if anything "concerns us", which interests us more closely, is to face the topic of winter heating approcciando from the domotic point of view and from the possibilities that home automation offers us in terms of efficiency, flexibility in exploiting i propri implants, savings.

On inDomus we have dealt with several phases the topic of domotic management of the climate, especially last summer when we spent in produrre guides e projets dedicated to the optimal management of cooling, both in terms of home automation control of air conditioners and with others prointeresting jets, for example the one dedicated to the automatic control of traditional fans.

With this FOCUS/Special dedicated to the winter climate, we offer an ad hoc excursus on the solutions, the guides and the projets made so far by inDomus in the field of domotized winter heating.


Notwithstanding what a nice ride on our guide "home automation for neophytes" (above all if you are a novice) never hurts, let's see which guides /proso far we have designed jets dedicated to regulation of the domestic winter climate:

then we go up on the highest steps, with an increasing level of difficulty but also a growing level of technology and energy efficiency:

On the sidelines, a theme, however, linked to the climate, that of the weather forecast in home automation:



A very first tappa is rapppresented by the two episodes of our podcast dedicated expressly to this theme. An overall half an hour of description of the theme, of illustration - in broad terms - of how home automation can be really useful during the winter phase of the year.

Episode 1Episode 2

In short, so many things to read, listen to, understand, to deal with.

Your home can become alive in the face of very limited expenditure, an expense that more often than not is absorbed - due to lack of consumption - in a few weeks. Enjoy the reading! The community is waiting for you on the forum or on the chat, for any curiosity, question, clarification.

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