The advantages of making the "smart" thelumidomestic nation

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Although associated with home automation to the intelligent management of illumination is as widespread as it is profundamentally wrong, it remains true that it is profrom thelumination that many start in the company to realize the proman personal home automation.

The reason for this phenomenon stems from the fact that intelligent light bulbs are, for a consumer, conceptually simple to understand: Yes lightand spegnono, the more yes governing intensity luminosa, sometimes in color. The fact that i proproducers succeed in publicizing this type of promade in a very simple and effective way. Word of mouth among users is also an equally powerful channel: it is sufficient to visit a house equipped with this type of device to immediately and instinctively perceive the modern, almost futuristic identity of this technology.Philips Hue Iris

But is it really worth it?

As often happens, the answer can only be it depends.
The decision, in fact, is linked not so much to the immediate benefits that these new technologies can bring, as to those proprospec-.

Introducing a single intelligent light bulb "in order to control it with a mobile phone" is, in our opinion, part of pure experimentation, pure fun. Instead, the speech changes radically when - even if done progressively, over time - that first light bulb rappsents only the first step of journey aimed at “covering” the most ample number of light points present in the profirst home.

First, this approccio allows you to change the traditional concept that one has the illumidomestic nation.
Usually, in fact, we tend to reduce the number of light points in a room in order not to live together with an excessive number of switches wall to be checked Manually. A classic chandelier, perhaps one or two plugs controlled by a switch; sometimes a few lampshades, some light points positioned at strategic points. A large number of lights consequently increases the need to act manually for their use, to the disadvantage of ease of use.

Nanoleaf CanvasHome automation allows you to overcome all this. Thing appdesigned by many interior decorators, home automation allows the place to be completely abandoned more light points scattered around the room, which often provide aluminicer nation, really allowing for furnish with light. Wall switches (where actuators such as the IEAD are used) Sonoff Basic or others) if desired they can be maintained, guaranteeing not only the domotic functionality but also the "mechanical" one; the most interesting thing though is the possibility to coordinate the switching on / off of the lights: by having four light points in a room, they can be logically grouped using the room name, then asking home automation (via interface, or verbally using smart speakers) to turn on / off the "room" or the single light point.

This increases the level of practicality, since (for example) it will no longer be necessary to "go around the house" to turn everything off when leaving the house (in fact, it is possible to define of automations and prothey see when they are turned off automatic at the exit of the occupants); it will also be possible to light entire rooms with a single command, as also mentioned verbal.

LED Strip scenery

With the use of home automation it is also possible to define "scenes": especially if you use adjustable bulbs (such as luminosiness and color) the adoption of such scenes (also automatically triggered) allows to perfect the illumination based on the time of day: warm and low tones when watching a movie, a bright light during working hours and so on. Just think of what allows the adoption of the family of products Philips Hue.

Finally, an honorable mention it is a duty towards the LED strips Wi-Fi: these are LED chains also several meters long in particular apprezzate for low cost, quality, low consumption, connectivity Wi-Fi (and therefore domotics and the possibility of long installation prowires, furniture or other: another element fully coordinated with the remaining portion of thelumihome automation technology that can be used.

Illuminotecnica and domotica, a choice not only functional but also furnishing and efficiency.

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