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What many home automation gadget owners ignore is that, proprobably, they are exploiting it only partially the real potential.

Taking a step back and coming back at the basics of home automation, let's clarify the theme: a "domotic gadget" (or better, a home automation component) is an element usually able to operate something (therefore, a actuator), or to perceive a state (therefore, a sensor), or to orchestrate several different elements (hence, a BRIDGE/Gateway).

Philips Hue White Ambiance E27

A smart light bulb is in fact a actuator home automation, which can be controlled in various ways (usually via app, via smart speaker, via internet services com IFTTT) is that proit sees the switching on / off as well as (often) the adjustment of the emission luminosa. A smart thermostat it is also an actuator, as it is able to turn on / off the proheat production, but it is also a sensor, as it is able to perceive the temperature of the environment. Then there are the BRIDGE/Gateway, elements that act as collectors in order to control multiple components of the same line products (such as the line Philips HUE).

Well, what many people don't know is that these various gadgets - perhaps more than adequate in their single function - can be exploited in concert, allowing the user to make them cooperate (despite procome from prodifferent producers) in a completely integrated, perhaps automatic, way, as if they were all prolearned from the same family, without technology distinctions e proconductor.

Perhaps the users are the most aware Apple: as we explained in our basic home automation course, Apple HomeKit is a programma that allows different domotic components (of different ones) proproducers and technologies) to easily interact with one another. But as we have also explained here, personal home automation based on this standard still limps and is however limited to those who own devices Appthe and components explicitly certified with this standard.

Xiaomi Mijia LCD Bluetooth Thermometer / Hygrometer - Front

To save goats and cabbages is the adoption of the ones we define HUB personal.
These are software that allow (easily and free of charge) to integrate components also very different from each other in order to create a single organic environment, definable "personal home automation", which appanointed allows one to "abstract" the original nature of the component (his protechnology, but also the basic methods of governing).

It seems a small thing, but it is not.
Equip yourself with a platform for the proin fact, personal domotics enables us to create an environment - by degrees, over time really innovative, where really the benefits are realized promade by this futuristic technology that we have always prefigured through science fiction, but which today is more relevant than ever.

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