Check home automation Homey with Appthe HomeKit and Siri

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  • Software use and configuration
  • Homey
  • Smartphone / Tablet equipped with app Homey (For Android e iOS)
  • computer Apple Mac (Mojave or higher) and / or iOS smartphone / tablet
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Homey  e  Appthe HomeKits


Many, for different reasons, they prefer theapp "House of Apple to manage the profirst personal domotics (perhaps accompanied by the assistant Siri). Nevertheless, many of the latter recognize the value of HUB personal such as for example Home Assistant (HUB software) or Homey (HUB hardware); in this case study, there are techniques aimed at maintaining the centrality of thepersonale HUB while maintaining, as final management tools, the elements Appthe HomeKits.

The purpose of this guide is profirst this: illustrate the technique for which Homey - among the best known and apprezzati personal HUBhardware - can be "seen" (together with the proa wealth of components integrated with it: sensors, actuators, scenarios, etc.) da Appthe HomeKits what was a BRIDGE/Gateway compatible with this standard and therefore from it be checked.

For this purpose, we will use theapp "HomeKit"By Robert Klep present on theapp store of Homey.
As we will see, the procedura is quite simple (as is often the case with this personale HUB).


In this guide we will assume that:

  • Homey is already configured on the network Wi-Fi was originally the profirst home;
  • Homey have already integrated one or more components (in this guide we will assume the presence of a door opening sensor and a thermal sensor).

Install theapp

First of all it is necessary install the component at theHUB. To do this it is necessary, as always, to use theapp Homey (For Android e iOS), previously used to perform the basic configuration of Homey and for daily administration.

The component chosen for this guide is theHomey "HomeKit”By Robert Klep.

At theapp Homey, select the "More" item at the bottom right, then "Apps","+"And finally carry out a search within the Athom store, by searching appanointed "HomeKit"

Once theapp (caution not to confuse theapp by Rober Klept with others applicenses with a similar name), provvedere to install it on proprio Homey as per sequence:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At the end of the proprocedure 'sapp will appear in the list of app installed onHUB ("Other"> "App"); at this point, prosee restart Homey ("Other"> "Settings"> "General" - "Restart" item Homey").


Once installed theapp of integration of Homey with AppHomeKits you need to move to theapp "House of Appthe iOS /macOS in order to add Homey as a compatible HomeKit component - compatibility obtained through installation appena performed.

We access "Casa", we define (optionally) a room "Homey”And add an accessory:

at this point theapp "Home" will show the item "Homey": Select it e profollow in the addition:

the code that will be requested is the following:

Apple HomeKit - Accessory addition Homey - Code

Finally, Homey will be added to theapp "Home". In addition to adding theHUB the sequence itself will allow the user to customize all previously integrated accessoriesHUB:

At the end of the configuration, all the elements will be proavailable and available at "Casa". As you go Homey new components will be integrated, automatically the latter appthey will come to theapp di Appthe:

Apple HomeKit - Accessory addition Homey 2019


If you wish to delete from theapp "Home" some elements integrated at Homey, to do this you need to go to the configuration of theapp "HomeKit" by Homey ("Other"> "App") And customize the list of items to be displayed to HomeKit:

Once removed unwanted items, they will disappear from theapp Appthe "Houses". Eventually we would like to include it again, again at theapp "HomeKit" by Homey just click on "Clear HomeKit storage and start over" and run the procedura of pairing with Appthe HomeKits.

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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