Configure MQTT correctly on HASSIO (version addon from v3 onwards)

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Guide purposes
  • Correctly configure theaddon MQTT for HASSIO (versions from v3 up)
  • Difficulty level: medium low
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  • Software configuration
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Driving review: 2.1
guide by Andker


Where the highernamefrom the v2 version to a higher version broke the common functionnameof the MQTT server su HASSIO or has found malfunctionsnameNTI from 4.1 onwards, this guide shows how to clean up the configuration and prosee a a correct integration.

Nb This guide is suitable also for those who make the first installation / configuration of theadd-on "Mosquitto Broker" for the first time on HASSIO - simply skip to the "User creation" paragraph.


Uninstall 'saddon MQTT.
Go under the heading HASSIO, identify theaddon e remove it completely.

Subsequently, at the configuration Home Assistant prosee to remove the MQTT block, if present:

  broker: ip_del_broker

Once these two steps have been taken restart Home Assistant.

User creation

At this point, go to the item "Settings"/"users”And add a new user, calling it for example "mqtt_user. "
Save your password.

Installation add-on

At this point prosee the installation of theadd-on "Mosquitto Broker"
Once done, enter the following configuration below:

  "logins": [{"username": "", "password": ""}],
  "anonymous": false,
  "quiet_logs": true,
  "customize": {
    "active": true,
    "folder": "mosquitto"
  "certfile": "fullchain.pem",
  "keyfile": "privkey.pem",
  "require_certificate": false

taking care to customize, based on the credentials created in the previous step, the fields “username" and "password"(In the example they are intentionally left empty). At this point prosee save the configuration but no start theaddon.

Restart again Home Assistant.


At this point it is necessary to create the "access control list" necessary for the correct functionnameof the service.
Through "Configurator"(Or other modes, Samba, SSH or what we believe) access the route


and create a file called "accesscontrollist"(Without any extension) and bring back the following configuration:

topic #
user homeassistant
topic #
topic #
topic #

taking care of customizing the first and last line, entering in the first the name of the user created in the second step of this guide (replacing the string “MQTT_USERNAME") And in the penultimate the profirst username at Home Assistant (replacing the string "PROPRIO_USERNAME"). Save the files.

Always inside the folder "mosquitto", Create a new file called"acl.conf”And write the following line inside it:

acl_file /share/mosquitto/accesscontrollist

Save this second file as well e restart Home Assistant.

Start theaddon

After restarting Home Assistant, prosee to start theaddon.

HASSIO - Mosquitto Broker


Now look at the menu item "Settings"/"Integrations"
We select "configure" next to the item MQTT:

Meni Integration MQTT HASSIO

Then configure the integration as follows:

HASSIO - Mosquitto Broker - Integration HASSIO

Finally, reboot Home Assistant.

Device configuration

It is now possible provvedere to the configuration of the MQTT devices in order to make them point to the IP of Home Assistant, to the 1883 port and configuring username and password as per previously created credentials.

To this proposito reading is recommended careful was originally the guide dedicated to the configuration of the MQTT components in the profirst home automation.

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