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  • Understanding the availability of sensors deriving from the integration of Aeotec Multisensor 6 su Homey
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As it is known, il Multisensor 6 Gen5 was originally the Aeotec is a component Z-Wave able to equip our home automation of a series of sensors quite different from each other, starting from the movement one to get to that of ultraviolet light.

In this guide we will see what are the characteristics of the various sensors e how to make an automation example starting from one of these, that of detecting movement.


Although not the subject of the guide, let's make a brief reference to the integration activity necessary to manage and consult theAeotec Multisensor 6 Gen5. To make it, it is necessary to use the component "Aeotec”Of Athom BV, which allows in a few simple steps, to add one or more multi-sensors to the configuration Homey.

These steps, in short, include the addition of the device through the choice of the component "Aeotec”, The next choice of the Multisensor 6 Gen5, finally pressing the button pairing on the sensor.

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The aim is to integrate the sensor a Homey, to consult it is particularly simple: enough press on the icon what is rappresentazione to access the page of recapitulation of the available metrics.

App Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - Details

It is also possible to press on each of the six individual sensors to read the last update timenameinformation system.
Obviously all the all the readings will be labeled according to the language set on Homey.

Advanced Settings

Clicking on the wheel at the top right (see image above) you can access the screen dedicated to the advanced settings of the device.

Let's look at some of these settings:

10-minutes wake-up(on / off) If active, it requires the component to remain on continuously for 10 minutes after replacing the batteries
Motion Alarm Cancellation(numeric) The number of seconds after which the motion sensor returns to a state of rest, following a detection
Motion Sensor Sensitivity(1-5, minimum 1, maximum 5) The degree of sensitivity of the motion sensor
Tamper Alarm Cancellation(numeric) The number of seconds after which the tamper sensor (seismic) returns to a state of rest, following a detection
Battery Low Threshold(10-50) The percentage threshold to indicate to the user the low level of remaining battery energy
Update Values ​​(s) Interval(5-2678400) Number of seconds each sent to theHUB update himnameof the sensor readings
LED Behavior On Alarms(on / off) If active, the LED on the unit lights up in the presence of movement and / or tampering alarms
* Calibration(numeric) Parameter to adjust the offset of the various temperature, humidity sensors, luminosiness, ultraviolet


At this point we see how to configure a trivial but important automation example: one that proplease send us a notification on your mobile phone in the face of movement detection in the home, but only if you are not there, appgreasy, at home.

At theapp "Homey"Click on"flow"And then on"+" top right.

We start by defining the trigger, or what will trigger automation. Under the heading "When", Click on" Add card ":

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 1 automation

then select at the bottom of the list of possible trigger the device in question, or our "Aeotec Multisensor 6 Gen5"`

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 2 automation

At this point select which behavior or parameter of the multi-sensor to analyze as trigger for our automation, in our case the relative one on motion detection:

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 3 automation

Once this is done, you can switch to condition automation, that is the condition that - if verified - allows the automation to continue its execution. Click therefore on “IS…"

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 4 automation

We will therefore select the element "Presence"

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 5 automation

indicating, subsequently, “There 's no one home"

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 6 automation

Finally we define theaction, or what we want that Homey face in the face of movement detection when we are not at home - that is, to notify us of the event.

We therefore select "Then…"

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 7 automation

and select the item "Mobile"

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 8 automation

therefore we choose which type of notification to send us (in this case we will choose a notification push simple):

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 9 automation

then going to select the user (or users) affected by the notification (in this case our user, "inDomus") as well as the message to be sent in the notification:

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 10 automation

The definition of automation will end up saving it and choosing its name:

Homey  -  Aeotec Multisensor  6  Gen5 - 11 automationTest

Automation will present a pusante "Test”To check if the action defined in the same is correctly configured or not. Clicking this button (or more realistically detecting a movement in our absence, our phone will receive a notification as per the settings:

Homey - Mobile notification

How easy it is to understand, this automation is alone one of the hundreds possible combinations arising from the integration of Aeotec Multisensor 6 Gen 5 and the tools provided by Homey (as well as all the other hundreds of domotic components that can be integrated with this powerful one personal HUBhardware).

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