Conditions and weather forecasts with AppHomeKit via homebridge-weather-plus and Homebridge

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Guide purposes
  • Equip the profirst personal home automation Appthe HomeKit of conditions and weather forecasts through the Home pluginbridge "homebridge-weather-plus"
  • Difficulty level: medium low
Concepts dealt with:
  • Software installation and configuration
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Physical devices used:
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Notes and disclaimer
  • qualsiasi eventuale modifica agli impianti domestici dev'essere progettata ed realizzata SOLO da personale qualificato;
  • any changes implemented in probefore is a propersonal responsibility as well as a profirst risk and danger (the contents of the present page are purely educational);
  • any changes implemented in proprior to a device it voids the guarantee, quality approvals and certifications.
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"homebridge-weather-plus"Is a plugin Homebridge capable of supplying various meteorological and air quality sensors to the profirst home automation Appthe HomeKits.

The particularity of this plugin is to draw information from multiple meteorological sites such as Dark Sky, Open Weather Map, Weather Underground e Yahoo. In these sites the data of hundreds of thousands of defined meteorological stations converge PWS (Personal Weather Station) scattered all over the world. These control units communicate with the various sites and record, for the area in which they are located, data of different nature such as appanointed temperature, relative humidity but also much more, such as rainfall, solar radiation and more. This data is then taken from the plugin which exposes them to Homebridge, then to our home automation Appthe HomeKits.

This guide illustrates how to configure such plugin at Homebridge.



Installation, like all Home pluginsbridge - it's very simple.

Run the following command - on unix-based systems (linux, Raspberry etc.) from the terminal, from systems Windows su procommand mpt:

npm install -g homebridge-weather-plus

and wait for the end of proprocedure. In the case of systems Windows, omit the word "sudo".

Nb In case Homebridge is already running as a service (as described in our Home installation guidebridge), prosee to interrupt it before installing using the command:

sudo systemctl stop homebridge

Update Searchnamento

To update the package, simply run the following command:

sudo npm update -g -dev homebridge-weather-plus

In the case of systems Windows, omit the word "sudo".


ACTIVATE the configuration

Like all add-ons for Homebridge, then installation is necessary prosee the configuration, which resides inside the file config.json of Homebridge same. For more specific information (on structure, location) of the configuration file, refer to to this brief guide.

The plugin configuration "homebridge-weather-plus "provides for the addition to the configuration file of a new accessory named"WeatherPlus". An example of minimal configuration is the following:

"accessories": [
	"platform": "WeatherPlus",
      	"name": "WeatherPlus",
        	"service": "darksky",
        	"key": "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
        	"locationGeo": [52.5200066, 13.404954]

Explanation of the fields:

platform(String, mandatory) Must necessarily be "WeatherPlus" (with capital letters as indicated).
name(String, mandatory) Name of the accessory
service(String, mandatory) Name of the data source, which can be: darksky, openweathermap, yahoo, weatherunderground.
key(String, mandatory except for Yahoo) Indicates the profirst API key obtained through registration and request on the site (see below).
locationGeo(String, optional) Required and required for Dark Sky. This is the location of the surveyed geographical area; the coordinates can be obtained here. The values ​​must be indicated in square brackets.
location(String, optional) Required and required for Open Weather Map. This is the location of the geographical area to be surveyed; the coordinates can be obtained here.
locationCity(String, optional) Required and required for Open Weather Map. This is the location of the city to be surveyed; the coordinates can be obtained here.
forecastOptional - Valid for all available services, it is used to obtain forecasts for the following days. The syntax is "Forecast": [1,2,3,4]; - each number corresponds to a subsequent day (tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.).
interval(Integer, optional) Census interval in minutes. The default is 4 minutes; the parameter applies to all available services.
units(String, optional) Parameter for defining the units of measurement to be used. The possibilities are "si"(Or" metric ") and"us"(Or" imperial "),"ca"To show the wind speed report in km / h instead of m / s,"uk”To show the report in wind speed miles in km / h instead of m / s.
language(String, optional) To set different languages ​​("it" for Italian).
displayName(String, optional) Parameter to set the name of the accessory appwill enter intoapp "Home" or, better, in Elvate "EVE". By default it is "Now"
displayNameForecast(String, optional) Parameter to set the name of the accessories related to the weather forecast.
currentObservations (String, optional) Used to set how the three readings (temperature, humidity and pressure) are shown; there are two possibilities: "eve”(This combines the 3 values ​​in a row in theapp Elvate "EVE", but shows nothing in theapp "Home"; "normal”Shows the 3 values ​​in separate lines in theapp Elvate "EVE", and the only temperature in theapp "Home". By default and "normal".
fakegatoParameters(String, optional) Used to change the location of the history (by default it is on the filesystem).

Nb If you use more than one accessory connected to the four weather sites, remember to give always different names.

How to request the API required for configuration

The API key is a univocal string of characters, which is provided free of charge by the various sites and is obtained - after registering them - at these addresses:

As explained above, no API Key is required for Yahoo.


accessory appare on HomeKit like an air quality sensor which shows only the temperature.
However, using theapp Elvate "EVE" A great deal of additional information can be displayed:

  • Air Pressure
  • Cloud Cover
  • Condition
  • Condition Category (Sun = 0, Clouds = 1, Rain = 2, Snow = 3)
  • Dew Point
  • Humidity
  • Ozone
  • Rain Last Hour
  • Rain All Day
  • Rain Chance
  • Solar Radiation
  • Temperature
  • Temperatures Min
  • Temperatures Max
  • UV-Index
  • Visibility
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Speed ​​Maximum
  • Observation Time
  • Observation Station
  • Forecast day

which can be used to create automations using the rules onapp EVE.

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