Install and configure an MQTT broker on Homey

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  • Install and configure a broker MQTT su Homey in order to support theHUB same and any home automation components present on the local network that exploit this proProtocol
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  • Software use and configuration
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HomeyIndependently by the fact that a HUB hardware (like Homey) or software, the presence of a broker MQTT it is often useful if not vital. The use of actuators and sensors equipped with protocollo MQTT is not so rare, in fact: just think of all the components that have been equipped with the firmware Sonoff-Tasmota or others.

Homey it is not less: personal HUBrace hardware, it is equipped - among many others - with an installable and configurable modular software component that allows to equip the probefore local network of, appanointed, an MQTT broker, usable by others applicenses installed on it and the various home automation components present in the home.

Nb After installing the broker MQTT a careful reading of the guide is advisable "How to configure MQTT on the devices of the profirst home automation"

Install theapp

First of all it is necessary install the component at theHUB. To do this it is necessary, as always, to use theapp Homey (For Android e iOS), previously used to perform the basic configuration of Homey and to administer it dailynamente.

The component chosen for this guide is theHomey "MQTT Broker" by Menno van Grinsven.

At theapp Homey, select the "More" item at the bottom right, then "Apps","+"And finally carry out a search within the Athom store, by searching appanointed "MQTT Broker"

Once theapp, prosee to install it on proprio Homey as per sequence:

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Once the broker is installed, it must be configured.

In the list of components (app) installed, will be appburned a new relative item, appunto the broker appena installed. Access it and then access the configuration:

In the finestbelow you can specify the detailed configuration of the broker. The configuration we indicate is not the only one possible, it is one of the possibilities (but we believe that it is realistically more useful):

App Homey - MQTT Broker - Configuration - Detail 1

In the field "ENTER PORT NUMBER"Indicate" 1883 "; then check the item "ALSO ALLOW UNSECURE CONNECTIONS"(Leave it unchecked if you prefer only encrypted communication).

DO NOT click on "Start Broker" again, rather scroll further down:

App Homey - MQTT Broker - Configuration - Detail 2

Pressing on "+"Below, add a user that the MQTT clients will use to access the broker (write it down for a future use).

Finally, press "Start Broker”To start the configured MQTT broker server.
From this moment the broker MQTT for the profirst local network will be rappresent from address:

MQTT: // IP_DI_HOMEY: 1883


MQTT: // 1883

for clients running locally on Homey same.
To the broker, obviously, you will get access only by entering username/ password previously indicated.

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.


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