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The components Z-Wave of the line Aeotec Home Automation su Homey they are among the most apprezzati for use in personal home automation for the build quality of individuals device, the reliability of the proused tocollo (Z-Wave Plug) and the overall heterogeneity of the catalog products. As we know, we have had the opportunity to review more than one component of this successful line prolearned ..

The possibility of being integrated on Homey arises from the presence on theHUB of an antenna Z-Wave (Plus), which allows not only to independently manage components Z-Wave, but to avoid buying the necessary, otherwise, BRIDGE/Gateway.

As always on HomeyIntegrating components of this nature is child's play.

Install theapp

First of all it is necessary install the component at theHUB. To do this it is necessary, as always, to use theapp Homey (For Android e iOS), previously used to perform the basic configuration of Homey and for daily administration.

The component chosen for this guide is theHomey "Aeotec"Of the same house proproducer of Homey, Athom BV

At theapp Homey, select the "More" item at the bottom right, then "Apps","+"And finally carry out a search within the Athom store, by searching appanointed "Aeotec"

Once theapp, provvedere to install it on proprio Homey as per sequence:

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At the end of the proprocedure 'sapp will appear in the list of app installed onHUB ("Other"> "App"); at this point, prosee a restart Homey ("Other"> "Settings"> "General" - "Restart" item Homey").


Once installed theapp integration is necessary prosee the configuration of the same.
From the menu app (or from the device entry) is possible add a device "Aeotec".

Once the component is selected, theapp allows you to choose ithe model to be integrated.
In the example below we will choose to integrate the multi-sensor Multisensor 6 Gen5:

By clicking on "add device"The device will be added (with all its features) to the configuration of Homey:


From here on you can check the device Sonoff directly from Homey, not only manually (as an accessory to the item "Devices"But also through automation (under" Flows ").

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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