Integrate an Eqiva eQ-3 Bluetooth thermostatic head a Home Assistant

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The "Eqiva eQ-3 Bluetooth”Are thermostatic heads for domotic regulation of radiators equipped, for interfacing, of bluetooth support. Very economical, they appear to be equally effective in their operations: already functional in themselves if controlled by theirs app dedicated provided by progive their best if integrated with profirst personal home automation based on Home Assistant.

For this purpose, the well-known personale HUB makes available an ad hoc platform call "EQ3 Bluetooth Smart Thermostats"

Address MAC

To integrate the head (s), it is necessary to discover theaddress MAC bluetooth of the actuator (s).
To find out this address, it is necessary - before looking for it - provvedere to complete head configuration (both assembly and first configuration via app).

Once this is done, a software tool will be used to scan the environment in search of MAC address of the head that interests us.


In case you use Raspbian on Raspberry and / or Linux you can use the tool hcitool.

If you do not have it, install it using the following commands:

sudo apt-get install bluetooth bluez bluez-tools rfkill rfcomm libglib2.0-dev
sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service

That done, the command to scan is the following:

sudo hcitool lescan

which should return an output of this type:

LE Scan ...
38:01:95:84:A8:B1 (unknown)
00:1A:22:0A:91:CF (unknown)
00:1A:22:0A:91:CF CC-RT-BLE

Usually MAC Eqiva heads address begin with "00: 1A: 22 ...", And in any case are recognized by the tool with the label"C-RT-BLE

In case the command is not available, prosee the installation with:

sudo apt install expect

you wasproto run the scan command.

Once you find the address MAC, to test that it answers correctly through the command:

eq3cli --mac0 0:1A:22:XX:XX:XX

where is it "00: 1A: 22: XX: XX: XX" and the MAC address found with scan.
The answer should be similar to the following:

[00:1A:22:XX:XX:XX] Target 17.0 (mode: auto dst, away: no)
Locked: False
Batter low: False
Window open: False
Boost: False
Current target temp: 21.0
Current mode: auto dst
Valve: 0

Users Windows and / or Mac they can use this guide.


At this point it is possible to configure the integration between the eQ-3 platform e Home Assistant.
the configuration basis of the platform at the file configuration.yaml it's pretty simple.

It will be sufficient to insert an entry of this type:

# Esempio di configurazione
  - platform: eq3btsmart
        mac: '00:11:22:33:44:55'
        mac: '11:22:33:44:55:66'

Prosee now at reboot di Home Assistant.

In the case of the example above, the configuration will generate two type entities Climate so call:

  • climate.termosifone_bagno
  • climate.termosifone_sala

Nb the correct functionnameof the platform is subordinated to the radio reach of the actuator by the Bluetooth antenna of the computer on which it is running Home Assistant.

Rappresentation and services

The type entity "Climate"Will come rappshown as any integrated thermostat a Home Assistant:

Home Assistant - EQ3 Bluetooth Smart Thermostats

Only handicap of this platform (which, for the rest, functions admirably) is the absence of the detection of the temperature in which the head is lowered: the parameter supplied a Home Assistant corresponds to the target temperature value in use. This is not a platform limitation, it is profirst a hardware limit of the actuator.


The renewed interface Home Assistant ("Lovelace") Introduced as a standard from the 0.86.x version provides a "card" apposita for climate systems. Configuring the entity "Climate”Associated with an eQ-3 head, the graphic aspect appwill appear as follows:

Home Assistant eQ-3 Lovelace


As for the services (usable also in the field automation) it is sufficient to refer to the list of those related to the parent component of the platform, or "Climate"

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