Integrate and use the (Magic) Cube Xiaomi /LUMI at home automation Homey

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The components ZigBee of the lines Xiaomi Mi Smart Home (Mijia) e LUMI Aqara Smart Home Automation su Homey they are among the most apprezzati for use in personal home automation for the well-known characteristics of excellent reliability, ease of use and low purchase cost. We got to review them more than one.

The "(Magic) Cube"Is an actuator ZigBee very simple and particular: it allows you to make videos gesture starting from its rotation, overturning and movement such as to trigger specific actions - customized - at home automation.

In this guide we will see how to integrate and use this component at thepersonal hardware HUB Homey.

Install theapp

First of all it is necessary install the Xiaomi integration component /LUMI at theHUB. To do this it is necessary, as always, to use theapp Homey (For Android e iOS), previously used to perform the basic configuration of Homey and for daily administration.

The component chosen for this guide is theHomey "Xiaomi / Aqara ZigBee”By Ted Tolboom, whose installation is illustrated on this other guide.


Once installed theapp integration is necessary prosee the configuration of the same.
From the menu app (or from the device entry) is possible add a “Xiaomi / Aqara device ZigBee".

Once the component is selected, theapp allows you to choose ithe model to be integrated, or the "Cube":

By clicking on "add device"The device will be added (with its features, in this case his position as well as the last rotation and the last gesture) to the configuration of Homey:


From here on you can check the device Sonoff directly from Homey, not only manually (as an accessory to the item "Devices"But also through automation (under" Flows ").

Let's see how, for example, access / turn off a light already integrated on Homey (in this example we will use one Nanoleaf Canvas) against the shaking ("shake") of the (Magic) Cube.

At theapp "Homey"Click on"flow"And then on"+" top right.

We start by defining the trigger, or what will trigger automation. Under the heading "When", Click on" Add card ":

Homey - 1 automation

then select at the bottom of the list of possible trigger the device in question, or our "Cube"

Homey - Xiaomi Cube - Automation 2

At this point, select the behavior intercepted by the sensor to use as a trigger for the automation. As you can see from the following list, the possibilities are many; for this example, we will use ("Cube shaked"), Or the shaking:

Homey - Xiaomi Cube - Automation 3

Without this we skip the condition (we don't have to check any) and we go directly to theaction, or what we want that Homey face in the face of motion detection - or invert the state of the light (from on to off and vice versa).

We therefore select "Then…"And select the item"Canvas"(In our case, but obviously it could be another action at will:

Homey - Nanoleaf Canvas- 1 automation

Obviously then we will choose the action to be performed on the light, in this case "active or inactive"

Homey - Nanoleaf Canvas- 2 automation

The definition of automation will end by saving it and choosing the name:

Homey - Save flow automation

From here on, whenever the cube is shaken, the light will be switched on or off accordingly.

The scenarios of applished here they are very many, especially in light of the large number of possible combinations of gestures this small but brilliant sensor provides.

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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