To integrate Sonoff (modified Tasmota) on Homey

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  • Integrate a component Sonoff equipped with firmware Sonoff-Tasmota su Homey
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  • Software use and configuration
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HomeyThe huge adoption of the firmware Tasmota on ESP8266 devices it is known: it is natural, therefore, that those who have adopted Homey which proprio personale HUB (hardware) may need to integrate devices with such firmware. The guide refers to family devices ITEAD "Sonoff Smart Home”, but obviously the guide is valid for any device based on SOC ESP8266 which successfully executes such firmware.

La procedura as always on Homey It is simple: simply install the component "Sonoff”From theApps Store, proyield to the guided configuration and thus add the element to the profirst configuration. All models are supported in practice Sonoff managed by the firmware Sonoff-Tasmota.


For integration to work presence and reachability is required from part of Homey and the component to be integrated of a broker MQTT, which can be implemented, as always, in many different ways.

Typically users of Homey provvedono when installing the broker locally, onHUB same; the component to be integrated, therefore, will have to be configured so that it connects, via MQTT, to Homey, indicating the IP, the port and the access credentials.

Nb Given the MQTT usage, it is appropriate prosee the card reading "How to configure MQTT on the devices of the profirst home automation"

Install theapp

First of all it is necessary install the component at theHUB. To do this it is necessary, as always, to use theapp Homey (For Android e iOS), previously used to perform the basic configuration of Homey and for daily administration.

The component chosen for this guide is theHomey "Sonoff”By Robert Klep.

At theapp Homey, select the "More" item at the bottom right, then "Apps","+"And finally carry out a search within the Athom store, by searching appanointed "MQTT Broker"

Once theapp, provvedere to install it on proprio Homey as per sequence:

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Once installed theapp integration is necessary prosee the configuration of the same.
From the menu app (or from the device entry) is possible add a device Sonoff:

Once the brand is selected Sonoff, app allows you to choose ithe model to be integrated.

In the example below we will choose to integrate a Sonoff Basic updated to firmware Tasmota (who has been previously and correctly configured with proMQTT tocollo, taking care to point it towards the IP of Homey):

After selecting the model, theapp ask to enter data relating to the MQTT broker to whom Homey will connect to send / receive MQTT topics to / from Sonoff and to which the Sonoff same will be recorded:

App Homey  -  Sonoff - Adding device Sonoff Basic Tasmota 2019

In the field "Hostname/ IP-address”It is necessary to indicate the IP of the broker. In case has been installed locally on Homey, indicate Next, indicate door, any username and password.

At this point theapp ask to turn on the Sonoff. After a few moments it should appenter the list on Sonoff detected.

App Homey  -  Sonoff - Adding device Sonoff Basic Tasmota 2019

By clicking on "add device"The device will be added (with its features, in this case simple switch) to the configuration of Homey:

App Homey  -  Sonoff - Switch


From here on you can check the device Sonoff directly from Homey, not only manually (as an accessory to the item "Devices"But also through automation (under" Flows ").

Very important thing is that, being it of full integration based on proMQTT tocollo, any change to the status of Sonoff (which it is: that of the state of a relay rather than the reading of a sensor connected to it) implemented manually or by other means will be reflected in perception, by Homey, of his state.

Therefore, the real states of the device will always be translated into states of the corresponding accessory configured at the profirst personal home automation.

Homey Logo - Alpha 128ATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Homey, for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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