Update Searchnamento 1.6.x for SmartIR with HACS support

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In the weekend the next one came outnameto the known custom component for Home Assistant "SmartIR“, One of the components not officially recognized by Home Assistant but more used for the domotizzazione of conditioning systemsnametraditional systems, multimedia systems and fans (via infrared actuators) Broadlink - and similar supported).

The new version is the 1.6.x.

This updatenamehas become necessary in view of the upcoming release 0.96.x of Home Assistant, which will be made available in prossimi days and of which, as always, we will give you detailed news. This updatenamento of Home Assistant the component "will bring some variation"Climate", The reason why the other was also necessarynamento of SmartIR.

EDIT: Updatenamento Home Assistant 0.96 now available.

The new version of SmartIR (which anyway in no case must it be implemented before the advent of 0.96.x of Home Assistant - on pain of failurenameof the entities connected to it) brings with it the code revision necessary for the functionnamecorrect and to one great and awaited novelty: support for installation / updatenamento by HACS.

To add SmartIR to probefore configuring HACS (but without installing it yet) it is necessary to go to the panel “Community"And, under"Settings", Add the following repository taking care to indicate"Integration"As type:


prothen seeing the restart of theHUB.
At this point HACS will list among the proeven components SmartiR:

Home Assistant  -  SmartIR via HACS

which, as already explained, WILL NOT BE INSTALLED BUT until the update is completednamento of Home Assistant 0.96.x (nei prodays). In fact, in the system notifications, the presence of the new version of SmartIR incompatible with the probefore version of Home Assistant.

Home Assistant  -  SmartIR incompatible with the HA version

We therefore do not stay that await the release of 0.96.x di Home Assistant, which should by now be imminent.

EDIT: Updatenamento Home Assistant 0.96 now available.

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