Give color and movement to music and video? Philips presents Hue Sync

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Philips Hue Sync Mac


- Philips, after the announcement at the CES in Los Angeles last January, has finally made available la prowaiting appnotice for Windows & macOS call "Philips Hue Sync ".

"Philips Hue Sync" In short, connects with any system of thelumination of line "Philips Hue” and is able, starting from music, videos or even video games in riproon the computer, to give life to a choreography of colors and luminosity in real time. L 'applation is in fact able to associate the behavior of the lights in real time Philips Hue with content on the screen.

Philips describes this the experience of use:

“Imagine playing an action game and your lights imitate the explosions on the screen. Or, watching a breathtaking sunset in a movie, you can make sure that your living room is immersed in the same shades of purple, orange and yellow you see on the screen. And finally, you can take your music to another level: your lights can dance to the beat of your favorite tracks. "

Sync your Philips Hue lights to your entertainment content. With the Philips Hue Sync app for PC and Mac you can now easily synchronize your Hue Mac. Create an immersive entertainment experience by syncing your lights to the movies, music or games you love.

Philips Hue Sync, after connecting it for the first time with your BRIDGE Philips Hue through theapp iOS or Android, it is activated very simply by the single press of a button. You can leave it up to you to decide what kind of experience thelumination appor, acting on the configuration, it is possible to vary intensity, tone and speed according to the profirst taste. While listening to music, it is possible appUse “palettes” to match the genre of music, for example pastel tones for the classic or more brilliant colors for rock.

How to configure Philips Hue Sync

In addition to home automation use, this software solution is certainly very interesting for organizers events, fairs, theater performances or similar events: connecting a PC to a system Philips Hue it is possible to delegate to it the management - and the creation - of scenarios lumiknown as described above.

Finally, Philips Hue Sync allows you to extend the functionality with any TV connected via HDMI or AirPlay and / or chromecast, as explained in this video:

How to configure Philips Hue Sync with a TV

All further information (as well as links to download) are available here.

Philips Hue Sync is aappfree information; let's remember that the system Philips Hue it's compatible with the majors HUB personal as Homebridge, Home Assistant e openHab, so it is highly integrable.
We can not wait to proreview and review it for you.

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