HOT - "Works with Alexa" components, five days of discounts on Amazon

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Starting from 5 up to 10 February pv. Amazon offers the 25% discount on the domotic components of the propricelist sold and sent by them and tagged with the name "Works With Alexa", or directly compatible with assistant devices Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo and the like).

Works with Amazon Alexa

Our advice is to evaluate offers carefully, paying not only a lot of attention to the features in terms of functionality but also

To have access to this remarkable discount on the devices "Works With Alexa”It is sufficient to connect to this page and select up to a maximum of five components in the wide selection of intelligent light bulbs, switches, thermostats, cameras and much more and, at the cash desk, enter the code Smarthome to get theappdiscounting.

Very interesting discounts on the complete line Philips HUE as well as the line of Tado thermostats, especially the one for the home automation control of air conditioners, a device that from now on will become a must for the automatic cooling of the rooms.

Philips HUE Bridge and light bulbs