HOT: ITEAD presents its first actuator ZigBee

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A little surprise ITEAD presents a new declination of the proprio Sonoff BASIC, proRecently updated to the version R3, a prominent member of the family ITEAD "Sonoff Smart Home”.

The news is particularly juicy as, finally, ITEAD adopts an internationally widespread standard, it ZigBee, which allows lovers of home automation to easily integrate the components that have them without any need for firmware changes. The new component, code name "BASICZBR3“, It seems to follow the latest R3 version both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of electronic design.

ITEAD Sonoff Basic  R3  ZigBee

The presence of the proProtocol ZigBee should allow easy integration to HUB personal through:

If the functionnameOn these operating environments it will be confirmed (we give it for proprobable) we will certainly see some good ones; among other things Conbee / Raspbee and CC2531 are among the antennas ZigBee among the most widespread, so integrating this ITEAD component would become child's play.

It also seems obvious how the device - equipped with one technology ZigBee – cannot be used through Wi-Fi (which means that it will not be possible to use alternative firmware such as Sonoff-Tasmota, which yes appto the 8266 SOC for theappanointed endowed with Wi-Fi).

Having said that, it is obviously to be hoped that ITEAD prosee over time to adapt all the profirst line products, creating a parallel set of components controllable by this standard. We'll see!

For the moment Sonoff Basic R3 ZigBee is available (apparently) only on the ITEAD store, we will inform you when it is also available at the major online stores. The user manual, for the most curious, è here.

ITEAD Sonoff  R3ZigBee

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