HOT: Nanoleaf Canvas available in pre-order!

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- Of the CES 2018 in Las Vegas one of the prolearned that most impressed us was Nanoleaf Canvas, that is to say the frankly spectacular tile luminose LED, multicolored, touch and modular, prolearned by the American Nanoleaf.

These are square tiles of about ten centimeters per side capable of thelumicome to life all over their surface of a multicolored LED light, which interconnect with neighboring ones to create an incredible effect luminoso on the wall so equipped.

L'illumination can be adjusted in many different ways, from colors combined with intensity lumigrowing noses, to the point of creating true color schemes, even in movement, also connected to musical rhythms and other things, something that recalls the approccio di Philips col proyour system HUE Sync - with the difference, in this case, to literally transform a wall and not just the illumination of a room.

The tiles are also touch-sensitive, therefore the il is possible conditionallumination in terms of color and intensity even by touching them.

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"Canvas"Is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Appthe HomeKit, e IFTTT: practically with all the most popular domotic environments. Furthermore, given the presence of a component Home Assistant for the management of the previous one product of Nanoleaf (“Light Panel "), there is no doubt that the release of the integration for this new prolearned or imminent.

From today Nanoleaf Canvas is available in pre-order at discounted price with delivery starting from 14 december pv.

It is of a great one prolearned at a price not proPopular: 199 the euros requested for the kit from 9 tiles, price that goes up with the increase of the tiles included in the various kits. An expensive price for a prodotto top that undoubtedly offers an incredible wow effect for our homes.

All the details of the pre-order offer are available on the Nanoleaf website.

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