Legrand buys Netatmo: good news?

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Netatmo thermostat


Not good, excellent: Legrand, an international leader in infrastructure and electrical components already proowner of the well-known brand BTicino and already a shareholder of the domotic component brand Netamo completes the work and totally absorbs the latter company, his park proproducts and, above all, his knowledge.

Netamo has been a company for many years proproduction of home automation solutions such as thermostats, weather stations, IP Cams, sensors and more.

NETATMO Weather Station

The news is excellent profirst in this light: the path taken by BTicino in the last year (read the news on the new Living line revised in a home automation key a few months ago) is clearly oriented to make the profirst accessible and integrated domotics, and it is clear that the skills coming into the Legrand group thanks to the acquisition of Netatmo can only accelerate this proaccess for the benefit of customers.

According to official statements of the group, Legrand will expand the profirst offer with new categories of prodomotics ducts. The appointment of the now ex-president of Netatmo is not a secondary aspect Fred Potter as Chief Technology Officer of proEliot gramma, which suggests maintaining the Netatmo brand, with a clear mission in creating devices probut compatible with those of present and future BTicino lines.

Our hope, as always, is that such a large group will implement an opening policy of propri products in terms of compatibility they are not among those of the profirst lines, but also (if not above all) with external ecosystems such as those so many of us sponsored, or those based on HUB personal.

The road to acquisition is now clear, we just have to wait for the conclusion and, later, the effects in a practical sense.

NETATMO Weather Station
NETATMO Weather Station

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