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Würth Wüdomo SMART icon- The Italian Würth presents one to the market profirst, new wired solution in the domotic environment: Wüdomo SMART.

Wüdomo SMART si proplaces as a simple solution for the automation and control of two main domestic functions, thermoregulation and thelumination, this together with a good simplicity of installation based on a traditional four-pole alarm cable.

Environments already prepared with this cabling can easily take advantage of Würth's Wüdomo SMART system, which uses a real wire harness - proman BUS network which interconnects all components, pre-installed and proused without the use of a PC.

The solution is sold to individual components, therefore it is possible to assemble it independently according to the proneeds, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and future scalability profirst plant.

For thermoregulation, Würth proplaces a series of thermostats of pleasant appearance and ample functionality; for the illumination, there are several switchgear modules available for controlling light points, also derived, even dimmable.

Würth Wüdomo SMART Thermostat
Würth Wüdomo SMART Thermostat

The system thus constituted is controlled through app (For Android e iOS) which guarantees the interrogation and the agreementnameof the entire plant, including automations.

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We have no ideainstead, what could it be the degree of compatibility compared to our loved ones HUB personal: if possible we will report any releases of API or real e propri components, plugins or addon for Home Assistant, Homebridge and / or openHAB.

We just have to wait any news in this regard by Würth. In the meantime, for all additional information on this solution we refer to to the website of produttore himself.

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