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(or that email from time to time by inDomus)


It says around that email is now an outdated tool, something appcontaining a long gone era in which "You've Got Mail"He made sparks in the cinema and all of us, like crazy people, distributed our address around, hoping that from time to time our mail client would tell us he had"1 new message"

Well, It is not so. The email is alive and struggles with us: you receive it, you put it aside, it is always useful to consult it again, you can turn it to friends (or enemies): in short, it is chic and does not bind (when really not committed, of course).

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We thought a lot about the opportunity to open a new channel of communication with readers: social media, chats, forums, comments on articles and browser notifications seemed enough, but then we realized that for some the email could be a useful alternative, especially in the key of the "newsletter".

That's why we started the e-mail service. By subscribing to this free service (which, of course, it is possible to withdraw the registration at any time) you will receive one-two weekly emails that will summarize the most interesting contents published in inDomus and from the world of personal domotics.

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