Communication networks: the nervous system

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Training course - Chapter 2
Introduction to home automation

To ensure that the brain and muscles of our home automation system can "talk", it is necessary a true e profirst nervous system that, coming out of metaphor, is rappresent from ours home network.

It is in fact necessary (regardless of whether you want to use a control home automation system purchased and / or a carprolearned) the presence, in proenvironment, of a modem / router, typically the one provided by proyour internet / telephone connection provider.

In essence, the router has the role of creating within the environment in which it is placed - whether you are aware of it or nota "network" of private communication that allows our devices (smartphone, computer, tablet etc.) to talk to each other and, if the requested data is on the Internet, with the rest of the worldwide network.

Nb More insights into the concept of a home network are available at wikipedia Italia.

Therefore assumed that anyone with a modem / router at home in fact be it already equipped of the first of the components necessary to create a domotic environment: the nervous system, for theappanointed. The network, in fact, is necessary to ensure that all the various components can communicate with each other.

In reality - as also explained in the FOCUS dedicated to "Domotic Pyramid" - The proprio Wi-Fi it is basically the privileged (and irreplaceable) channel through which to realize the profirst personal domotics (and in any case, one of the foundations); nevertheless there are others as well protocolli and technologies, such as Zigbee, Narrowband, Infrared, Z-Wave and many others.

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