Domotize a bedside lamp

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  • Domotise a traditional bedside lamp (powered by 220v) by replacing the ignition switch with a home automation actuator.
  • Difficulty level: elementary
  • Cost: extremely reduced (<10 €)
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Domotizing something means "raising" the capabilities of a "single" object with a specific function (in this case, a traditional lamp) to "smart" object, able therefore to be controlled and managed also through management tools that are not, as in this case, the trivial on / off switches we are traditionally used to.


  • Replacing the pre-existing switch with Sonoff Basic
  • Device configuration
  • utilization

Replacing the pre-existing switch with Sonoff Basic

To domotize a bedside lamp (or any alimante device to 220v that can be activated with an on / off switch) an intelligent switch is sufficient. It is the case for usITEAD Sonoff Basic, a very simple, economical and functional component which is installed really quite simply. It will be sufficient to remove the existing switch and replace it with the home automation actuator; the following video tutorial explains the proyielding very clearly.

How to configure a switch Sonoff Basic not modified

The video also illustrates the configuration methods, which we are going to repeat below.
The scheme is, simplifying, the following:

Actuator configuration

Downstream of the installation (physical) of the device, it is necessary prosee it set up, or to make it "enter" into profirst network Wi-Fi so as to control it through the proman app. To do this, you need to download and install theapp"eWeLink" (For Android e iOS).

After feeding the Sonoff Basic, press the button on the back and keep it pressed for about 7 seconds: the change of the flashing of the LED will change, communicating to the user the activation of the configuration mode.

At this point (after having appurge that the smartphone / tablet is connected to Wi-Fi domestic) open theapp eWeLink and click on "Quick Pairing"

eWeLink - Pairing  1

Theapp at this point he will ask the name and password of the Wi-Fi domestic to which provide access to Sonoff Basic; subsequently, theapp "Will seek" the new Sonoff Basic to configure:

Once identified, it will ask the user to provide a name to be assigned and complete the configuration:

Finished the procedura, the Sonoff Basic will finally be controllable directly from theapp, not only Manually, but also through proming:

eWeLink - Sonoff Basic - details


We finished! Once the configuration is complete, the use is really very simple: to turn on / off the lampshade will be enough press physically the black button on the back of the actuator or, via theapp, by pressing the on-screen virtual switch, as seen in the video.

Our bedside lamp will now no longer be just the simple light it was, but an intelligent object connected to our network. A small step for a lamp, a giant step towards a home automation environment.


As anticipated, it is possible to think of using the system thus domotized through un HUB and automation.

In case of use Appthe HomeKits, a solution is to:

If instead it is adopted, like HUB staff, Home Assistant, then the road will be that of add the Sonoff Basic to its configuration and then prosee the automation.

ITEAD Sonoff BasicATTENZIONE: remember that there is on our FORUM community an ad hoc section dedicated to Sonoff (and more generally to devices ESP8266), for any doubt, question, information on the specific merit of these components.

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