"Make people talk" Amazon Alexa as a home automation notification system on Home Assistant

Making Alexa speak "of his own free will" is possible: define up Home Assistant a voice notification service is indeed quite simple as well as rather useful. In this guide we illustrate a simple and flexible technique to ensure that Alexa warns us of the presence of certain conditions in the home automation ecosystem.

To integrate Amazon Alexa like "Media Player"On Home Assistant

Not only can Alexa be more or less easily integrated into Home Assistant with the aim of controlling, through voice commands, personal domotics, but it can be integrated with it as a multimedia element in order to control the Smart Speaker itself from home automation.

Components Home Assistant "Alexa Media Player”

Producer: Keaton Taylor Availability: at Git repositoryHub Category: software Type: custom component for Home Assistant Implementation difficulty: low “Alexa Media Player"Is a custom component (therefore external, unofficial) for Home Assistant which allows you to integrate devices ...