Domotize a traditional alarm system with MQTT e Node-RED (part 1)

In the presence of a traditional alarm system the challenge for a lover of personal home automation is to be able to domotize the functions, possibly the widest possible rose. In this projet prowe propose a solution to integrate in a relatively easy way some of the most typical functions of a (perhaps pre-existing) non domotic system.

Domotise independent heating via clean contact e Home Assistant (without physical thermostat)

PURPOSES OF PROJET: Create an autonomous heating system with little expense and maximum functionality. Difficulty level: medium / high Cost: linked to the actuator used. CONCEPTS ADDRESSED: Functionnamento & heating system management Software configuration Remote control (optional) Automation (optional) SOFTWARE COMPONENTS USED: Home ...

Domotise any remote control (even rolling code) by a clean contact

Sometimes the last beach to be able to domotize the functions of a domestic component (whatever it is) passes from the home automation of its remote control. Mostly this is done using actuators like the Broadlink (or others): when this is not possible due to technological limitations, then yes prosees to realizing the real remote control e profirst, the physical object. Let's see how.

Using the "PULSETIME" command with the firmware Sonoff-Tasmota

HELP AIMS Learn how to use the "PULSETIME" command of the firmware Sonoff-Tasmota in order to drive an intelligent switch Sonoff in button / button mode (inching) Difficulty level: low Concepts covered: software configuration Software components used: Firmware Sonoff-Tasmota installed on the switch from ...