Domotize a traditional alarm system with MQTT e Node-RED (part 1)

In the presence of a traditional alarm system the challenge for a lover of personal home automation is to be able to domotize the functions, possibly the widest possible rose. In this projet prowe propose a solution to integrate in a relatively easy way some of the most typical functions of a (perhaps pre-existing) non domotic system.

Transform multiple MQTT elements into one virtual device via Node-RED

Through this articulated projet inDomus explains to you how to create a "virtual" element that can be managed through MQTT starting from several external MQTT elements which, in turn, control physical elements (tapparelle, gates, alarms, etc.). All to integrate this "virtual" element as a home automation device among the most common HUB personal.

The new PODCAST episode is online! Today: discovering Node-RED

PODCAST - 7 Episode In this episode, fifteen minutes dedicated to discovering one of the most useful components in personal home automation: Node-RED Direct link: Direct listening: To comment, intervene or request themes in future episodes, contact the crew directly! Pages cited ...


Produttore: Availability: at Category: software Type: tool di programmation / integration Implementation difficulties: media Node-RED is a development / integration software initially developed by IBM and designed to connect quickly and intuitively - even by hand of unprepared individuals ...

Node-RED: how to install and configure it on Raspberry Pi

Aims of the guide Install and configure Node-RED su Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) Level of difficulty: low Concepts dealt with: software installation and configuration Software components used: Node-RED Prerequisites Wifi network connected to the Internet Raspberry Pi configured and working with Raspbian Physical devices used: ...