The first things to do after installing Home Assistant (Onboarding)

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Which it is the installation chosen for the proprio Home Assistant (one of the best known HUB for personal domotics), at the first start such personale HUB will basically be empty, not configured. When connecting first a Home Assistant, HUB presents a first guided configuration (called "onboarding") that allows you to set the data relating to the profirst home automation (nb information that is saved locally, confidential, that is not shared with anyone).

Such information is typically:

  • the name of prohome automation (eg "House by the sea");
  • the geographical position;
  • elevation above sea level;
  • the unit of measurement in use;
  • the time zone.

At most, if you have home automation components already configured on profirst home network, it is possible that Home Assistant recognize them automatically at the last step of the onboarding phase, and therefore allows you to configure them, immediately, through guided steps.


Account creation

In the initial onboarding step Home Assistant asks to create the first user, the administrator, of theHUB.
To do this it offers the following interface:

Home Assistant - onboarding - user creation

Field Name asks the profirst name / surname or pseudonym, while the field Username è profirst the username that will be used, together with the Password, to access. We recommend setting the latter rather robust (long and complex the right).


Once user creation is over, Home Assistant needs to understand where "home" is. This is because when they want to use automation based on the presence / absence of tenants, will use this GPS position to realize if tenants are present or not (again: this information is private and saved ONLY on thepersonale HUB).

To do it you use the interface that comes promail:

Home Assistant - onboarding - locations

which also allows you to define the metric system in use as well as the location name.


Finally, if Home Assistant detects some directly integrable device, show a graphical interface to configure it:

Home Assistant - onboarding - discovery

Finished the proonboarding settlement, you access, finally and for the first time, a Home Assistant:

Home Assistant - first access

Now it's possible profollow with the activities of perfectionnamento, based on the type of installation.

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